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Who we are

The Big B animation was formed in 2007 by Jody Gannon and Jonathan Webber, who share a passion for all things animated. The Berlin-based team has brought their huge experience in visual storytelling to animation markets around the world.
Contact us at or by phone at  +49 030 55 23 23 57.

What we do

At the Big B we can handle any kind of animation job, from a 10 second spot, to a whole TV series. Our flexible team enables us to quickly set up the best workflow for any project, and the huge pool of talent to which we have access, ensures that we can offer the highest quality on a realistic budget.

What we can do for you

Our core skill is getting information across in the best way possible. Whatever message you need to send, we can find the clearest and  most entertaining solution. Whether it’s an internal film for your employees, an info spot for your clients or a commercial  to get new business, we can make it happen. Get in touch now and find out more
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